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Complications of land acquisition in Ghana

In recent times, there has been a growth and a lucrative market for real estate homes and although most individuals currently look to online real estate platforms and portals to buy a home or even rent a house, acquiring a bare land remains an appealing prospect to many. In Ghana, the process to acquire a land has over the years become a daunting task for individuals, companies, stakeholders, real...

Uncompleted Buildings in Accra

Accra has seen a boost in its development and growth in recent years. This growth is particularly evident in the giant strides the real estate market is making in the city. Evidence of this growth is apparent through the presence of numerous shiny, new and beautiful properties being erected in the capital city. Some of these buildings include the SSNIT Emporium, STANBIC Heights, the Accra Mall, The...

Guide to Buying Real Estate in Ghana

A house is one of the most important and most expensive purchases the average person will make in their lifetime. This means that before you purchase a house, or for that matter any kind of landed property (house, land, apartment, etc) you must make careful considerations about the purchase. This may involve a lot of prior planning, searching, frustration and annoyances. However if you play your cards...

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